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Welcome to Jackson Sams Wealth Strategies

Jackson Sams Wealth Strategies offers comprehensive solutions through a spectrum of financial services. From potentially growing your wealth through investment strategies, planning for your family’s future, and preparing for retirement, Jackson Sams Wealth Strategies is a preeminent financial advisor in Northern Virginia.

Finding freedom and achieving balance.

We utilize Financial Life Planning in our office, a system that puts the needs and desires of our clients first and focuses on not only financial well-being, but life satisfaction. We aren’t your average financial advisors. We’ll discuss both your financial and life goals, and figure out how to successfully transition you from one phase of life to another - on your own terms.

Your priorities are our priorities. Your values are our values. We ask what brings meaning to your life. We aren’t advisors who are going to show you how to use your life to make money – we’re advisors who are going to show you strategies to use your money to make a life.

Living abundantly.

In the financial world, a black swan event is when something completely unpredictable happens and generates nearly-disastrous results. These occurrences aren’t just found on Wall Street, though. There’s a good chance you’ve been blindsided in your life by something – or someone.

We’ve chosen to incorporate a swan into our logo to show that we understand what life throws at our clients. We can help you turn that life-changing event into life-changing financial freedom, self-confidence, and personal abundance. What doesn’t break you simply makes you stronger. Let us find your Swan Stories.

Investment Strategy

Put your money to work through a disciplined investment strategy. Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation.

Retirement Planning

Secure your future with a structured retirement plan. Learn more about our retirement planning services.

College Planning

Saving for college costs is important, but there is more to college planning than just savings strategies. Learn more about our college planning services.

Our Services

As a full-service establishment, Jackson Sams Wealth Strategies can assist you in a variety of ways.