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<sup>That's Anita Live</sup>

That's Anita Live

Are you saving money? Are you investing money? Pam discusses how to get started investing at any age.

<sup>It's A Woman's World</sup>

It's A Woman's World

Women want help navigating their financial future. Pam discusses how she helps women navigate their independent financial goals.

<sup>Women's Business Report</sup>

Women's Business Report

If you're like most people who can't sleep at night it's probably because of financial worries. Well worry no longer. Pamela Sams, president of the Jackson Sams Wealth Strategies, knows how to turn you into a financial swan. Oh by the way, Swan stands for sleep well at night.

<sup>Northern VA Advice Givers</sup>

Northern VA Advice Givers

Not everyone is a fan of a rocky road. And while there’s something to be said about choosing a “flavor” in life, the biggest mistake people make is quitting too soon. Especially in entrepreneurship, just before they taste the sweet success of their labor.